In this month's edition of InsightNOW, Prospect Mortgage's Chief Performance Officer Todd Duncan talks with business consultant Roy Osing about his book, "Be Different or Be Dead: Your Business Survival Guide," and how setting your business apart from other companies is the key to success.

Be Different  
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Roy, former Chief Marketing Officer of a leading Canadian telecom company and current CEO and president of the consulting firm Brilliance for Business, insists emphatically that simply copying other successful businesses is a recipe for disaster. The way to ensure becoming the best at what you do is to offer customers the "ONLY" — the thing that sets you apart from the rest and lifts you above, as Todd calls it, "the sea of sameness."

The next step is to define your "who" — the customers who will fuel your growth. Know their innermost desires, values and wants. Then dazzle them; blow them away. No matter what size your company or type of product, Roy says you should rise above the herd by creating an experience for your customer that no one else is offering. In real estate, for instance, you're selling a change in life, not a home. So delve into your contacts and supply your clients with services that they'll need: a landscaper, a babysitter, etc. You'll build loyalty and spur repeat business in addition to distinguishing yourself from the salesperson down the street.

As for mistakes, don't sweat them. Turn them into an advantage by reacting within 24 hours and delivering something of value to the client that he or she would never expect. That creates more goodwill than never having made the error in the first place!

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