Website technology and the criteria for creating a successful visitor experience change frequently. Therefore, you must monitor the evolution of website technology and move beyond systems that are outdated, clumsy or a threat to user security.

Use this checklist to help determine if it's time to overhaul your website.

  • Our website is mobile and tablet friendly. Searches conducted on a mobile device are growing rapidly and accounted for 25% of paid search clicks on Google in 2012. If you use WordPress to construct your website, try the WPTouch plug-in to make your site mobile friendly. To test the functionality of your current website on a mobile device, try GoMo, a free service from Google.
  • Our website is not solely Flash based or we offer a non-Flash version.Flash — software used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages — has its share of problems: It's not search engine friendly, not supported on all mobile devices, inconsistent from platform to platform and often disabled by users to block advertising. Find a balance in its use and make sure it is not deterring your visitors.
  • We do not lose visitors if their browsers are not Java enabled. Recently, the Department of Homeland Security warned of security issues surrounding Java 7 and later versions of this programming language, which runs certain browser programs, such as games, utilities and business applications. Homeland Security cautioned users to temporally disable the Java browser feature because it is vulnerable to hackers. If you are unsure if your site uses Java, test your own site by using a browser with Java disabled.

If you need further assistance, consult with a webmaster or your internet service provider about improving your website.