Public speaking is an excellent lead generation skill for real estate agents. The key for most agents is overcoming the anxiety that experts say is felt by 85% of public speakers. Here are some tips for overcoming public speaking anxiety:

Visualization and preparation. Experts say to spend some time not only visualizing your presentation but also the steps you will take if something goes wrong, such as computer problems, audio glitches, lost train of thought, or people looking bored. By working out kinks ahead of time, like having hard copies of your presentation in case your slideshow malfunctions, you will feel more confident and prepared.

Story telling. Much anxiety stems from a need to memorize exactly what you want to say about the subject you are presenting. If you try to memorize your entire presentation and then miss a word, you can stumble, freeze or trigger memory block. A better tactic is to tell a story that gets your point across.

Toastmasters. Toastmasters International is a nonprofit group that offers a cost-effective way to become a better public speaker and work through speaking issues associated with anxiety. Visit their website for free public speaking resources and for a meeting location near you.

Speaking coaches. If you want individual attention, there are public speaking professionals offering services to help you become a better public speaker. Also worth checking out is an app for mobile devices from Mayo Clinic called Anxiety Coach. This self-help tool is for reducing a variety of common fears, including talking in public. Cost is $4.99. Another good source for advice, tips and tricks on public speaking is Speakers Life.